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Global Bulk Logistic was founded in 2006. The company took over plant and activities as well as the employees of Company C. Steinweg Warehousing & Processing GmbH in Duisburg.

The long experience of both teams, the commercial, as well as the technical team in the warehouse are the basis of the company. This experience is passed on to new generations as well, during their trainee time and furthermore.

We take daily care of your requirements, so that you , as our client, feel well advised and you are able to fulfil the demands of your clients.

The perfect and high water secured location of our warehouse in the port of Duisburg gives us the opportunity always to find the best combination of carriers into all directions for you.

At all times we act close to the market and will always find the best solution for your logistical challenge.

Our company is ISO certified and AEO certified.

Know-how and flexibility are our aim!