Your cargo is stored at our strategic convenient and high water secured warehouse situated in the port of Duisburg.

Depending on your products we always offer the ideal carrier to and from our warehouse in Duisburg.

Sometimes you need more than the pure warehousing of your products !

Your goods do not fulfil your customer’s requirements ? Material is not in size, wet or not packed according to your customer’s needs ? Several crushing and screening machines can be offered.

Our drying plant guarantees a quick delivery of your products at your customer’s works.

Via our various packing installations we can re-pack your goods into all customary packages (i.e. Big Bags, drums, boxes, bags, etc.)

We offer our warehousing activities in a couple of different sheds.

Your demand is an optimal warehouse – We take care of it – i.e. separate warehouses for packed goods and metals.

To achieve this we can offer 30.000 sqm covered warehouse and 11.000 sqm open storage – certainly alarm secured !

Without clearing your “third country goods” into the EC resp. without payment of duty / Vat your goods can be stored, re-packed, unpacked or processed in our “Bonded Warehouse”.

To guarantee warehousing and processing of your goods in an optimal way, a perfect administration is essential.

Financing of your goods by banks or other financial service providers while stored in our warehouse is customary. We are known as a reliable partner.

Furthermore the transfer of ownership from and to your business partners, during storage, is no problem and is handled under customary terms. Administration will be followed by us.


We can offer the following installations for processing your products:

  • Drying
  • Crushing – 4 crushers
  • Milling
  • Fine screening including preparation of sieve curves
  • Packing installation
    – Big Bags,
    – Paper bags,
    – Jute bags,
    – Drums
  • Silo loading resp. Ensiling
  • Official weighbridge up to 60 tons – Sworn weigher
  • Öffentliche geeichte Waage bis 60 tons – vereidigter Wiegemeister


  • Trucking – national / international – Whole Europe
    Trailer ( Full truck loads / Part loads ), Tipper trucks, Silo trucks
  • Barging
  • Container Transport ( Import / Export ) – Multi-modal
  • Short and Deep Sea Chartering
  • Rail transport
  • Airfreight
  • Logistics ( Packages incl. handlings / Shipping / Warehousing in Europe )

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